Football Game Organizer
Football Game Organizer
Create your play groups.
Easily and quickly organize football games with five, eight or eleven players.
Enough with the stress of phone calls, emails, text messages and whatsapp messages.
Choose who, where and when; FGO will do the rest.
Football Game Organizer
Try it for free for a period of 90 days
Read with your Android device the QR Code found in this page to be directly addressed to the Google Play Store or sign in to the Play Store and search FootballGameOrganizer.
FGO is an application that foresees the annual payment of a dwarfish quota in subscription; in whatever moment during the period of test you will be able, through the same application, to purchase from Google a subscription to extend of 365 days the period of use.
Laws, by following this link, short and clear descriptions of the operation of subscriptions on Google Play.

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